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An accomplished storyteller, performing throughout the UK and internationally for over 16 years, Mike Dodsworth brings his unique blend of exciting storytelling to your events. Mike has been working with schools and early years centres, libraries, galleries and museums, weddings and festivals to bring stories to life for all ages, packing them full with imagination and lots of chances for everyone to help tell the story!

Storytelling for Festivals

Mike has been performing at festivals as a storyteller for as long as he can remember. His blend of stories are perfect for festival environments, whether they're inside the warm and cosy setting of a teepee or to a 100 of people in a field pouring with rain - it's guaranteed that Mike's stories will keep your audience involved and excited!

Storyteller for Festivals

Mike's stories can be adapted for the ages within your festival, whether it be a specialised early years festival, a hustling and bustling arts festival or even just a community event. Stories for children are adapted for the ages within the audience, bringing well known and new tales to life with chances to join in.  Mike believes that storytelling isn't just for kids to - so perhaps if your festival is more aimed at adults,  expect stories with lots of punch, comedy and maybe a hint or two of sass.


He can bring stories based around the themes you may be working with or simply tell a collection of tales from near and far, some well known and some packed full of suprises. His unique style of performance has lots of help from the audience to tell the story and brings a special, unique sense to each festival!

As a storyteller, some of Mike's most popular performances have been at:

  • Lollibop Festival
  • Three Foot Festival
  • The Fling
  • Cherryhinton Festival